Innovative Online Industries Pattern Backpack, Sublimated Backpack with Gaming Grid Design, MMORPG Virtual Reality

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Hook your headset up, and get in the game. Innovative Online Industries is your connection to OASIS, and they aren’t exactly being discreet about it. With sublimation, simple light blue shapes grace this bag, including a headset wearer, weapon schematics, gloves and other gear. Padded shoulder straps take some of the weight off of your shoulder as you make your way through. Your backpack might catch the eye of eager gunters and anyone that might need to take a bit extra with them.The total space of this backpack is 17 inches tall, 12 inches wide and with a 5 inch depth. One main pocket can store notebooks and other documents, or maybe a gaming console you wish to transport. A second smaller pocket sits at the front, to store compact essentials. Made of 100% polyester.Cleaning Instructions:Wipe down with a damp cloth. Allow pack to fully dry before use